If you have no problem getting your workouts in but nutrition is your weak point, I offer Nutrition help. I can teach you to love healthy, nutritious meals. No more boring chicken, rice and broccoli. Find a nutrition plan that works for you. 


Virtual Workout (Monthly Membership)

This is a monthly workout membership from the comfort of your own home. Workout three times a week with your trainer. No more early morning or late night trips to the gym. This is a quick, effective at home workout with little equipment required. 


Online Training & Nutrition

Are you looking for an all in one app that delivers top of the line workout and nutrition advice? Do you love recipes, positive encouragement and love to grow your knowledge. It offers a custom workout plan, nutrition and the option to upload photos to track your progress! 


Fit Mommy

Workout Program

This 12 week workout program was designed for new moms in mind! It's perfect for getting back into shape post baby. It helps gain strength, build stamina and increase flexibility. This program offers 3-4 workouts a week with one day being a stretching day.  

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